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Idee's Tips: List of foods that should not be kept in the freezer (READ WHY)

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Are you fond of keeping all type of food in the freezer with the aim of preserving it? Well this article will change your mind and enlighten you on the type of food you shouldn't throw inside the freezer because you want to preserve it. Below are list of food that was quoted on that should not be kept in the freezer. Lets know what you think about the listing, drop your comment lets here your view:

Placing uncut onions in the refrigerator makes them mushy and soggy by the time you take them out. When you remove the peel, you see that there is only one thing such onion is good for bleeding with other type of foods.

You can no longer slice and dice such onions into foods because they would have lost their traditional colour (they have different colours). So, it’s best to keep your onions in an open, cool and dry place.


It’s really an unpleasant sight when you bring out a frozen watermelon out of the freezer. Aprt from the fact that it no longer looks good, the flesh becomes fibrous and not easy to bite.

If you have ever tried eating a frozen watermelon that was thawed, you would know that such watermelon lose their kind of crunchy texture. They become fibrous and tough in the mouth. Also, research have shown that keeping them at room temperature might even help preserve the antioxidants present.


One of the things freezing does to your tomatoes is to damage its tissues just like it does to many other foods. The only way most foods can be kept frozen is by using rapid and uninterrupted freezing process.

When you freeze your whole tomatoes and bring it outside, what you have is nothing more than the juice and flesh of the tomatoes with the skin peeling off. You can no longer slice this kind of tomatoes. All you can now do is to blend with other foods.


You cannot put potatoes in the freezer for more than one reason. You should not even refrigerate your potatoes because the cold temperature makes them develop a sweet taste to the level that it becomes unpleasant.

This happens due to the conversion of starch in the potatoes to sugar. This increase in sugar will cause potatoes to darken when cooked. It is usually recommended to let your refrigerated potatoes cool totally if you refrigerate them, before you cook them. This will help reduce the level of discolouration.

Even though freezing damages some food materials, it’s benefits outweighs those damages cause. If you still want your food to remain safe to eat over a long period, then freezing is a very good option.

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